Break through the noise with Polarbit Publishing Partnership, we’ll help you get your game to the top of the charts and drive significant revenue and downloads. Whether on the iOS, Android, WebOS, bada, Symbian/Ovi, Blackberry QNX, Windows, MacOS and many others; Polarbit has the experience, network and platform to make your game a huge hit.

Why Polarbit?

Polarbit is a well established player in the mobile & handheld markets world wide. If you have a top quality game we can secure featuring on the major app stores, and you know that is the key to drive installs! But our distribution network expands beyond the major appstores and includes handset manufacturers, alternative stores, retail channels, mobile network operators among others… These channels can bring significant incremental revenues for you.

We have a strong position on iOS and even stronger on Android (we’ve been awarded with a top developer badge by google). You will find ALL our racing titles in the top Racing paid category and our three free android games have been installed by more than 100M people! Our portfolio is a great cross promotion channel.

Fuse connect, our community and connectivity platform recently overpassed one million unique users, users that we can communicate with.

We have a fully dedicated sales and marketing team that has ongoing communication with the app store teams and other distributors and advises on how to best monetize and bring additional revenue streams to each game.

To learn more about the benefits of partnering with a publisher, contact us today to find out more.