New Preview of Reckless Getaway

Here u go, new preview video of this awaited title, Reckless Getaway in full action:

Sneak preview of Reckless Getaway

For all Reckless Racing fans, here’s another great game from Pixelbite… Reckless Getaway! Coming very soon… Stay tuned!

A sneak peak at Long John Silver for iPhone, Android and WebOS

Have a look at this upcoming title, a classic arcade puzzle game featuring some sweet graphics. To be released on every handheld device in a few days. Enjoy!

A sneak-peek at BadaBoo for Android, WebOS

Keep your eyes peeled for iPhone hit BadaBoo on Android and WebOS from Polarbit and Bulkypix in the coming few days!

Raging Thunder 2 on OpenGL ES 2.0

We’ve been working on a Open GL ES 2.0 version of the game. Check out the motion blur effect when boosting!