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Rail Racing: frantic family fun, for free, now on Android

Slot car fanatics of the world rejoice! Polarbit’s seminal slot car racer Rail Racing is now available globally from Google Play. And it doesn’t cost a dime neither.

Pretty graphics, fun gameplay, loads of tracks (50+) and cars (20), multiplayer challenges, Google Play achievements… is there anything this game *doesn’t* have? I don’t think so!

So why are you still reading this? Get the game. Get it now!

Tank Riders 2 on Steam Greenlight

Polarbit wants YOU…

…to vote for Tank Riders 2 on Steam Greenlight.



Tank Riders 2 update out on App Store and Google Play

Hurry, hurry, git’cher Tank Riders 2 update while it’s sizzlin!

Now: 70 levels! No waiting time between rounds! Never been tank-ier!

Tank Riders 2 by Polarbit out on App Store and Google Play

The hills are alive with the sound of mortars! Enemy forces are swarming across our borders, and their nefarious fleet of tanks is everywhere. You can’t so much as kick a rock without a 120mm muzzle poking out at you from underneath. Time to mount up, buckle down and grease your guns, as the 153rd Tiny Tank battalion faces its toughest challenge yet!

Fight your way through 50 challenging levels (with many more on the way) filled with swarms of miniature kamikaze tanks, lethal laser turrets, mortars, missiles and giant, hulking bosses in this action-packed, top-down tank battle shooter.

Tank Riders 2 is available now, free of charge, from iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Rail Racing: Mobile miniature mayhem

Leading developer and independent publisher Polarbit today announced the release of slot car racing game Rail Racing on iTunes App Store.

Rail Racing blends the strengths of two of the most popular genres in mobile gaming: runners and arcade racers. Whip your car between slots and watch out for pick-ups, boosters and obstacles. Slipstream behind opponents, and then tackle them out of the way to overtake. Push your car to the limit, but be careful not to hit those curves at too high a speed.

Race veteran cars, street- and track racers, big rigs, SUV’s and much more through an entire house – from a toy-riddled kid’s room to the sun-drenched backyard.

Challenge your friends in the multiplayer mode and rise through the ranking list, or fight for a top spot on the leaderboards.

Get the game here: