Fuse is a mobile game development middleware providing ready-built framework to handle all necessary functionality, such as music and sound effects, input, graphics, networking and much more. This allows developers the luxury to focus on gameplay and creative tasks – creating great games.

The primary advantage of using Fuse is that one source code covers all supported devices: you only need to write one single source code to support Brew, Symbian, Windows Mobile, PalmOS and Wipi. If requirements change mid-project you will only have to implemenent these once and they will carry over to all devices. If another target platform is added, you will be able to have a version running within hours.

Fuse supports dedicated 3D hardware and uses it automatically where available. One and the same build runs on business handsets such as the Nokia E50 as well as media powerhouses such as the Nokia N95, utilizing the expanded 3D graphics features where available.

Fuse is highly optimized, ensuring the best possible performance even on low-end handsets. Further, Fuse is capable of producing native desktop Windows applications, with all features and functionality intact. This will drastically simplify testing and demonstrating the product during development.

Practical benefits
• Reduce project lead-time
• Cut development costs
• Market-leading 3D performance
• Target multiple platforms with minimal effort
• Reduce risks of technical interferences

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