Polarbit was founded in early 2005. We have since then established ourselves as world-leading developers of games and development technology for smartphones and mobile platforms. We have achieved this position by staying ahead of the technological curve, and by focusing on what we perceive to be the next step in the evolution of mobile entertainment, rather than the present.

Despite considerable success and a strong market position, we have remained a small and agile company. At Polarbit, employees are afforded considerable freedom, as well as responsibilities, in carrying out their tasks and achieving the agreed upon goals – and thus ample opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

We strive to maintain a flat organization, with management and employees working in close cooperation. We have long since realized that Polarbits continued success and growth depends on our ability to listen to our employees and utilize the unique experiences and perspectives they can offer.

Our core operations are divided between two partially overlapping areas: game- and middleware development. Thus, depending on an employee’s primary interests and skills, they will have every chance to immerse themselves in all aspects of the game development process as well as low-level, hardcore coding in the Fuse middleware engine and tool chain.

The primary advantage of Fuse is that it enables concurrent development towards all major mobile high-end platforms (iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, N-gage, Brew, Wipi) with one single source code. Further, Fuse supports the Nintendo Wii and DS platforms, and support for X-box Live Arcade and the Playstation Store are planned to follow.

Polarbit have excellent working relationships with all major publishers in our industry, such as Activision, Electronic Arts and Konami. We have worked, and continue to do so, on established and renowned franchises such as FIFA, Spore, Major League Baseball, SSX and many others. We are particularly proud of having developed Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart, the best-selling iPhone game since the launch of the AppStore, for Activision.

We have also reached considerable success with our proprietary titles – for example Raging Thunder, Wave Blazer and Armageddon Squadron. It is our proprietary IP that ensures long-term value and stability for our company. It is also our own titles that afford us the best opportunities for technical innovation, to further confirm our position as a development studio a cut above the rest. We have since our inception focused on high quality 3D graphics – and we are today counted as a pioneering studio in the field of Internet-based multiplayer in iPhone titles.

Today, Polarbit is in the enviable position of having full coverage, and further project opportunities on the way. We are thus on the lookout for talented and ambitious programmers that are able and willing to accept the challenge and becoming a part of one of the most exiting and dynamic game development studios in Sweden today!

Are you ready for the challenge? Don’t hesitate to contact us!