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BoulderDash®-TheFullCollection released on Google Play!

The FULL version of BoulderDash, with all 5 cave packs included, has been released on Google Play (ex Android Market) for $3,99. That is a 20% savings rather than buying all 5 cave packs individually. Find it here!

The full Raging Thunder 2 experience now available on Android Market for Free!

Starting today, Android gamers can get the full Raging Thunder 2 experience, including cross-platform multiplayer and global leaderboards, at no cost … and we have also included a few other games into this this offer. Enjoy!

Reckless Racing made for Real!

Recently Pixelbite teamed up with Xperia Studio to recreate Reckless Racing 2 in real life.

Engineer Dr. James Brighton took two MGF Sports-cars – which were dressed to match the Maxima car in Reckless Racing 2 and hooked them up so that they could be controlled entirely remotely by two Xperia phones.

A dirt-track was then built on an abandoned American Cold War airbase, and designed so that the cars would be able to powerslide around, just like in the mobile game.

Then, Martin Noriander, co-founder of Pixelbite, faced off against Hunter Skipworth, expert gamer and journalist for Pocket-Lint. The result was mobile-controlled dirt-track drifting on scale never before seen.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think: