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We are looking for world class games to publish

Are you an independent game developer? Interested in partnering with Polarbit to publish your game? Break through the noise with Polarbit Publishing Partnership, we’ll help you get your game to the top of the charts and drive significant revenue and downloads. Whether on the iOS, Android, WebOS, Bada, Symbian/Ovi, Blackberry QNX, Windows, MacOS and others; Polarbit has the experience, network and platform to make your game a huge hit.

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Free Reckless Getaway

START YOUR ENGINES… Reckless Getaway just went FREE for a limited time on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!!

Fuse connect surpasses 1 M users

Launched in 2010, Fuse Connect has grown beyond all initial estimates and continues to attract tens of thousands of new users each week. Fuse Connect includes a range of powerful community features, such as real-time Internet multiplayer, global leaderboards and Facebook integration.
Fuse Connect is a unified, cross-platform solution which allows gamers on any supported platform to face off against gamers on any other. Platforms supported by Fuse Connect include iOS, Android, WebOS, bada, Symbian/Ovi, Blackberry QNX, Windows, MacOS and many others.