Stockholm, Sweden – Leading developer and independent publisher Polarbit today announced that they are bringing their portfolio to the hotly awaited Xperia™ PLAY gaming handset from Sony Ericsson.

In addition to the excellent visuals, playability and the rich connectivity and multiplayer features that distinguish their titles, Polarbit’s Xperia PLAY line-up will feature controls customised for the gamepad-style button setup of the device. All titles will also be presented in HDPI to fully utilise the bright FWVGA display of the Xperia PLAY. Polarbit strongly recommends gamers to start building up their thumb calluses as soon as possible, in preparation for launch day!

Polarbit’s initial Xperia PLAY line-up will include award-winning street racer Raging Thunder 2, best selling top-down dirt racer Reckless Racing and a range of further titles from popular genres such as first person shooter, strategy and flight-sim.