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Polarbit and PINYL Studio release Chess: Battle of the Elements

Leading developers and independent publishers Polarbit and developer PINYL Studio, announced today their joint release of Chess: Battle of the Elements on iTunes AppStore, soon to be followed by Android Market.

Chess: Battle of the Elements combines the tried and true gameplay of the world’s most popular game, with beautiful 3D graphics. Players can select their favorite side from among of the four elements, and menus, board and pieces will change to reflect the selection.

Further features include an adjustable AI, which ensures just the right amount of challenge for both greenhorns and grand masters, hot-seat multiplayer and 1000 chess puzzles. Both single and multiplayer games can be conveniently saved and resumed at any time. Players can also save replays of finished games to analyze them move-by-move.

Chess: Battle of the Elements is available now from iTunes AppStore for $2.99.

Polarbit named one of the top 50 mobile developers of 2011

You love us... you really, really love us! and Scoreloop have compiled a list of the top 50 companies in the mobile game business, based on metrics such as sales performance, critical acclaim of releases, innovation in terms of business approach, and the number and range of titles released during 2010.

Needless to say, Polarbit have claimed a spot in the upper half of this highly illustrious assemblage. Nothing as ostentatiously vulgar as the number one spot, of course, but a very gentlemanly and self-assured 23:rd.

Check out the list here.

Polarbit readies portfolio for Xperia PLAY

Stockholm, Sweden – Leading developer and independent publisher Polarbit today announced that they are bringing their portfolio to the hotly awaited Xperia™ PLAY gaming handset from Sony Ericsson.

In addition to the excellent visuals, playability and the rich connectivity and multiplayer features that distinguish their titles, Polarbit’s Xperia PLAY line-up will feature controls customised for the gamepad-style button setup of the device. All titles will also be presented in HDPI to fully utilise the bright FWVGA display of the Xperia PLAY. Polarbit strongly recommends gamers to start building up their thumb calluses as soon as possible, in preparation for launch day!

Polarbit’s initial Xperia PLAY line-up will include award-winning street racer Raging Thunder 2, best selling top-down dirt racer Reckless Racing and a range of further titles from popular genres such as first person shooter, strategy and flight-sim.

Armageddon Squadron 2 teaser

A short clip of the current state of Armageddon Squadron 2 is available on YouTube:

Still a ways to go, but we’re getting there. This game is going to be something special!

Even Granny says so, and you should always listen to granny!
Granny likes ASQ2

Polarbit magazine feature

Swedes – make sure not to miss the latest issue of “Allt om Android” which, apart from being a good magazine in its’ own right, also happens to feature a nice, long article on Polarbit. Available now from your local newsagent’s!