Since the release on Thursday, the demand for Reckless Racing has been insane. While we are of course extremely proud and happy about this, it has also created severe issues for many users when attempting to download the game data from our servers. Quite simply, we were not prepared for the massive amounts of users, and have not scaled our server solution accordingly. That the bulk of these problems occured during a weekend did not help.

We are very, very sorry about these problems, and apologize again to all the people who’ve wanted to play this fantastic game, but have so far been unable to. This is entirely on us.

In light of this, we have decided to pull Reckless Racing from Android Market temporarily, while we work on scaling up our data servers. We hope to have this done within the coming 24 hours, and that the game will be up again sometime Monday evening (Central European Time).

Do not hesitate to send us note of any issues through our contact form.


The Polarbit Team