Leading developers and independent publishers, Polarbit and Fabrication Games, announced today the release of Zap and 8ball on Android Market and iTunes AppStore.

Zap is a timeless arcade classic in which the player must clear a field of descending, brightly coloured balls by matching balls of the same colour before time is up. 8ball is a pick-up-and-play take on eight-ball pool. There are 15 balls on the table. The player has to sink his or her half of the balls and then the eight-ball before their opponent to win.

Both titles include global, cross platform high-score lists that allow you to share your top scores and compete for the highest score possible against other players from all over the world – regardless of which device or platform they play the game on.

Zap and 8ball are available now from Android Market and iTunes AppStore for $1.99 each.