First off, sorry to dissapoint, but Johnny won’t be flipping anyone the bird in the following post.

The server upgrade seems to have done the trick, and the majority of users have now been able to get the data. There still seem to be a few users, Droid X owner primarily, experiencing issues. We’re hard at work on this and should have an updated version out within the coming few days.

There are still issues with the licensing servers, which are preventing some of you from getting past the title screen. While the core of this issue is out of our hands, we are working on alleviating the problem as much as is in our power. We will increase the time a license verification is cached and decrease the number of times the license is checked. We will also replace the default error message with something a little more informative. This will also be included in the next update.

We are commited to keeping Reckless Racing and its community alive and vibrant for a long time. In that interest, do not hesitate to get in touch with suggestions, features you’d like to see or nits to pick through our contact form.