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More on Reckless Racing

First off, sorry to dissapoint, but Johnny won’t be flipping anyone the bird in the following post.

The server upgrade seems to have done the trick, and the majority of users have now been able to get the data. There still seem to be a few users, Droid X owner primarily, experiencing issues. We’re hard at work on this and should have an updated version out within the coming few days.

There are still issues with the licensing servers, which are preventing some of you from getting past the title screen. While the core of this issue is out of our hands, we are working on alleviating the problem as much as is in our power. We will increase the time a license verification is cached and decrease the number of times the license is checked. We will also replace the default error message with something a little more informative. This will also be included in the next update.

We are commited to keeping Reckless Racing and its community alive and vibrant for a long time. In that interest, do not hesitate to get in touch with suggestions, features you’d like to see or nits to pick through our contact form.

Reckless Racing back on the Market

Reckless Racing is back on track and available on the android market,
Thanks again for your patience. We have scaled up our server infrastructure to ensure you can enjoy the game. We apologize once again for the problems you have experienced. If you run into any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us, you know where to find us.

We are already preparing an update, which will appear within a week, stay tuned, we hope you’ll enjoy some of the new features we are already adding. Additionally we’ll further improve the assets download, license manager and security, so that you, that have purchased the game, can fully enjoy it ;)


The Polarbit Team

UPDATE: Reckless Racing

We’re working hard increasing the capacity of our server park and getting Reckless Racing back up on Android Market. Many thanks for being so patient with us during this, guys.

In addition to the many legitimately sold copies of Reckless Racing that are accessing our data servers, there are also regrettably cracked versions of the game floating around since a day or two. These get the game data from exactly the same servers as the legitimate versions, further adding to the difficulties experienced by those of you who have paid for your copy of the game.

The number of users running pirated copies will most likely continue to grow, creating an unsustainable situation and forcing us to employ additional security measures. This will regrettably delay Reckless Racings reappearance on Android Market a little further. We hope to have the new servers up and running, along with the updated build on Android Market by Tuesday afternoon, CET.

To all of you who have bought Reckless Racing and have been unable to enjoy it – we apologize yet again. Have patience though, the situation will soon be rectified.

To those of you who are too cheap to pay three bucks for a game and are ruining it for everybody else – right here, buddy.


The Polarbit Team

Regarding the Reckless Racing server issues…

Since the release on Thursday, the demand for Reckless Racing has been insane. While we are of course extremely proud and happy about this, it has also created severe issues for many users when attempting to download the game data from our servers. Quite simply, we were not prepared for the massive amounts of users, and have not scaled our server solution accordingly. That the bulk of these problems occured during a weekend did not help.

We are very, very sorry about these problems, and apologize again to all the people who’ve wanted to play this fantastic game, but have so far been unable to. This is entirely on us.

In light of this, we have decided to pull Reckless Racing from Android Market temporarily, while we work on scaling up our data servers. We hope to have this done within the coming 24 hours, and that the game will be up again sometime Monday evening (Central European Time).

Do not hesitate to send us note of any issues through our contact form.


The Polarbit Team

Public Service Announcement

Due to legislation recently enacted by the Department of Health, we are obligated to bring you the following public service message:

“Mobile gaming may be seriously harmful to your health, and can lead to serious impairments such as pollex vulnerata, Astvik’s Disease and keratoconjunctivitis sicca.”

Regrettably, since the aforementioned legislation also prohibits us from mentioning our fall blowout sale, there is no way for us to inform our customers about the low-low prices on Polarbit games on Android Market and iTunes AppStore – effective from today and for a limited time only.

We apologize for any harm we may have inflicted on the unsuspecting public by releasing so many fantastic games, on so many platforms, for such a long time.

We simply didn’t know.