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Interview with mobile 3D game developers, Polarbit

Interview by This Android Life, check it out here:

Iron Sight available on OVI

Iron Sight has been released on the OVI store. It is available here.

Iron Sight is a 3D multiplayer game for all artillery game fans! Building on the tried and true gameplay of titles such as iShoot or Worms, but in highly detailed, beautiful 3D environments AND with online MULTIPLAYER! Move your battle mechs, use their equipment and attack with a large range of weapons: homing missiles, artillery, cluster missiles and much more. Multiplayer (Beta): requires WLAN Stay tuned for future updates!

Check it out!

Polarbit lets loose the Fuzzies

Fuzzies is a sidescrolling puzzle/platformer in which players aid a band of carefree monkeys over, around and through a host of tricky obstacles by assigning them a variety of different tasks and abilities. Monkeys are lazy and not very bright, so a monkey without an assigned task will just keep shuffling straight into oblivion.

Key features of the game include easy-to-learn, difficult to master intuitive gameplay, 28 mind-bending levels and beautifully designed, cartoonish graphics and animations.

More info on the Fuzzies
Gameplay video
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Raging Thunder 2 – Sneak Peek Video

We have released a gameplay video from our upcoming game Raging Thunder 2, a title that is still in development. We are targeting multiple platforms for this version. Check it out at:

Toonwarz update! new control methods added

We have enhanced the input and control support in ToonWarz. The game is now supporting Trackball, D-Pad and Accelerometer as possible ways of controls. Check it out and make sure you download the latest version.


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