Polarbit, the developers behind such iPhone bestsellers as Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart and FIFA10, announced today the release of ToonWarz, an action/arcade FPS featuring internet and local WiFi multiplayer as well as a fully stocked single player campaign.

ToonWarz gives players control of a lone commando, fighting against hordes of vicious enemy soldiers. In order to prevail, players will need to utilize all their wits and skills, as well as an extensive arsenal of shotguns, flame-throwers, bazookas and much more.

Says Janne Korpela, co-founder of Polarbit and ToonWarz lead developer:

“As always, we’ve striven to provide an accessible, great-looking and smooth gameplay experience that appeals to casual gamers as well as die-hard FPS fans.

Multiplayer deathmatches over the Internet and local WiFi are of course features that we’re tremendously exited about, and we really look forward to getting players from all over the world in our digital crosshairs real soon!”

Polarbit have repeatedly proven themselves to be among the most prolific developers of games for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and are currently preparing the release of all their AppStore titles also on Ovi Store and Android Market – including cross-platform multiplayer between iPhone, Android and Nokia devices.

Read more about the game here.