Iron Sight offers dual campaigns, single mission mode as well as hot-seat and Internet multiplayer modes, including in-game and lobby chat functionality – all presented in stunning 3D visuals.

Says Tomek Wagner, founder of deionmobile and lead developer for Iron Sight:
“We set out to produce a game that offered something unique to the iPhone and iPod Touch, that we really wanted to play ourselves. We really feel we succeeded in this ambition. Relying on a tried and proven technology like Fuse in our development meant that we could cut development time while utilizing the full power of the iPhone and iPod Touch to create a game that is both beautiful to look at and has a great depth of gameplay.”

Says Tommy Forslund, producer at Polarbit:
“It’s been a pleasure working with the guys at deionmobile in getting Iron Sight to market, since we share a common understanding on what gamers today look for and expect from an iPhone title. We’re particularly stoked about the multiplayer functionality and the in-game chat. Not only do we get the chance to blow people up using huge robots, we also get to rub their faces in the burning wreckage. “